I Have Been Crazy Busy...

Hi All, 

Over the last few months, I have been working at my local County Animal Services Dept in the Marketing Division selling and processing Pet Licenses. It was an awesome temp job! I would have loved it if it went into a permanent position. But alas, it did not. 

With my off time, I have been mentoring a Facebook group. I started this group in Feb. 2017.  It is called Evolving Consciousness. I am a Guide/Teacher/and Confidant to those who are walking the Spiritual Path. I do Live Videos where we do meditations and have discussions regarding obstacles people are working through. I also offer Oracle Card Readings in this group. This group is full of wonderful people who I admire and love so very much! Everyone is unique and has many gifts and talents to share. I help others to become comfortable with loving themselves and becoming their Authentic Self. 

My other time has been spent finishing off a poetry project I began last year. I write my poetry to High Vibrational Frequency Music. I had been in a program called the 52 Week Frequency Challenge. One healing frequency track per week for 52 Weeks. However, my project contained 1 poem for each of those 52 tracks. This is the third year of doing this project. Every year it is an amazing spiritual journey of where I began and where I ended....showing a growth and expansion that is very tangible. 

More poetry will appear soon. I also am working on newer readings and other items. I promise to blog more often. If nothing else, I will blog about how my day or week has gone. Take Care!!

Sending Love to Everyone!!


Saying Goodbye to 2017!

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