Sharon Meixsell: Artist Statement


Sharon Meixsell is a Soul Poet and a Multi-Dimensional Channeler who writes Spiritually Conscious poetry. She channels Cosmic Energies passing on messages to Humanity to help raise their vibrations as they awaken to Higher Consciousness. Her poetic messages include topics such as: Self Love, Oneness with each other and with the All That Is.

 My writing flows from the Love deep inside of me for my Self.  The most important aspect of my writing provides my Authentic Self as well as my Love of All That Is and my Love for Humanity to pour forth in an intuitive process. The love of being able to express love fully, in wild, passionate abandon is what I feel my purpose to be.

 As a healing, empathic presence, I feel it is important for others to know that my abilities to feel and heal go far outside of the body that I inhabit. I am a multidimensional extension of the entire Universe. The body that I inhabit is a conduit of an infinite amount of energy, not a separate container of it. In allowing myself to focus through my body, grounded in the Oneness of Unity Consciousness, I heal and transmute as one with the Love and Light of All That Is.