New Reading Prices and Payment Plans offered

Hi Everyone, 

I have new reading prices up and also am offering a "payment plan" option for readings over $88.88. The "payment plan" option is 2 payments. The reading will not begin until the 2nd payment is received. Also, for certain situations, I will offer a layaway plan.  We can work out a weekly payment agreement that will work for the both of us. Once again, the reading will not begin until after the whole payment has been received. The new prices range from $20- up to $300. I also am offering a 1 hr Spiritual Guidance call for $300.00.

The reason for all of the changes....because my Guides and the Cosmic Energies have downloaded much more information to me and are wanting me to give even more in depth readings. The reading I just finished a week ago was a total of 7 hours of channeling from me and a crystal card "money and manifestation" tree activation. This reading is incredibly awesome but so much energy and so much time and effort went into providing it that I find it is time for me to raise my prices to honor My Self, my Abilities, my Knowledge, and what I offer in my readings. Even the 3 card reading will provide one with 30 min of guidance. Also if the 3 card reading is paired with the Crystal Oracle one will also receive an activation as well. 

So, from a place of Self Love and Self Empowerment,  sending you so much Love!!


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