On an adventure through time and space
Exploring the wild and vast Universe
An unknown place to roam free
Then a blinding flash
I have been here before
The stars glow and I am filled with love
I see myself floating
A being of light
With purple sparkles of electricity
I have seen me looking at me
Down here on this planet of Gaia
I am bigger than before
I am taller than down there
Majestic in height and yet so light
So full of love as my fellow
Star beings greet me
I am back once again
My family and friends are with me
Amongst the stars and planets
A being of Love and Light
Of a knowledge of adventures
Throughout lifetimes
Different places and different dimensions
Yet each one somewhat similar
I glow and sparkle when I remember
What I once thought was frightening
Is so incredibly gloriously beautiful
Resplendent in the magnificence of its design
I am Me, I have found me!
The me before I split into so many dimensions
Tears flow as I sit here writing and remember
My life in the Here and Now
I feel so much gratitude
This musical love song of transformation
Of initiation and of teleportation
With my heart expanding even more
My knowledge growing by leaps and bounds