New Poetry and New Bundle Oracle Card Readings


My book will remain on sale for $5 for several months. However, new poetry has been added to my website.

In April of this year I participated in the 8th Annual Isis Women's Arts Festival. That is the Goddess Isis of course!! I performed my poetry during a night of dancing where there were also many visual artists. There was plenty of art around that night. We had paintings, portraits, and sculpture. It was a wonderful night full of artistic pleasure. I had a lot of fun

In other news:  I have created New Oracle Card Readings which are Bundle Packs (3 or 4 readings in 1). Some readings have a 1 hr call with me included and others have the 1 hr call as an option. Many people have taken a liking to these new readings. These readings are based upon the Spiritual Path and the Evolving of Consciousness. Feel free to check them out. 

With Love, 


New Empath Reading Available

Loving My Self ~ A Journey of Transformation on SALE $5