New Readings, New Poetry, New Images Added!

Hi All, 

I have been hard at work/play and updating and changing my website. What is currently happening is the expansion of the different types of readings I offer. I have decided to give specific types of readings instead of just general. Yes, there are one or two general readings still but I noticed different questions that are asked in Facebook Psychic/Reading Groups. There are certain questions people want to know the answer to: "Do I have gifts or abilities?" "Will I meet someone?" "How is my relationship?" "What do you see for me in my career?" "What is coming up for me this year?" and one of the most popular "Why do I feel so lost?" 

I know I am one of the most thorough and loving readers on Facebook. I am the real deal. I am a Multi-Dimensional Channel of the Cosmic Energies. I give free readings in the hopes others will come to my website and purchase one. I feel in branching out to specific readings it will help people to decide what is most important to them. 

So be on the look out for new Oracle Card Readings especially rotating sales happening at anytime.  Also be on the look out for new Spiritually Conscious Poetry and much more Sacred Love Poetry. 

That is it for now! Oh, and if you want to purchase a reading please check out my blog post "Cart Not Working" this will then explain how to order a reading. 

Got a account!! :)

Happy New Year - 2017!!