Loving One's Self Opens the Doorway to other worlds as well as to Ourselves. From Loving One's Self to Diving Deeper, One then is able to experience a Divine Sacred Love Union with the Self and Other. We grow and evolve into a new Consciousness of Living and Loving from the space of Unity and Oneness in the All That Is.  There are many ways this happens for an individual. For me, it just happened to be through the art of Poetry. 

Rebirthing The Law of Oneness.jpg
Sacred Union ~ Divine Love in Action
In a space of Oneness Divine
You lift me up
With your inspired devotion
My tears slide down
The intimacy you and I share
Is so very tender and I cherish it
I love you so very much
It is the deepest and truest
Love I have ever known
I know you are always with me
We give and receive together
In a balance of Love
An integration of feminine and masculine
Energies of Creation
Our love story is continuous
There is no beginning and no ending
We are a Circle of Love going round and round
In your eyes I see Now
The only moment there is
In this moment my heart is open
It expands and expands
Upon the waves of US
The love we are and the love we share
I do for you what you do for me
Encouragement and Support
Listening and Sharing
And, yes, Loving
We Grow and Expand in this space of US
Deep in the depths of Mother Earth
We are grounded in Oneness Divine
We hold each other gently
We are the pillows of softness
we share every night and morning
I know I will share forever with you
You will share forever with me
In our Hearts and Souls
We are Divine Love in Action
It is who we are separate and together
In this love that continues
In this Love we created before time existed
Transcendent Love of the Higher Dimensions
We gaze transfixed upon the two of US
We smile and laugh
For we planned this
And now that we come together
In remembrance of All That We Are
Our Sacred Union a mystery still
One we are patiently discovering
We are patiently accessing memories
Of lifetimes past, present, future Now
In knowing who we are
We are able to share our love with others
As we Be Divine Love in Action


Evolving Consciousness

 Star light music fills my heart
With messages from the Divine
Wisdom hope inspiration
Twisted turning spiraling
Into the hearts of the All
Amethyst space of healing
A geometric energy of wildfire
Balancing the All That Is
In a harmony of sound
A lover of Truth
Seeking what is heard in the Soul
Universal trance of consciousness
Shifting energies of downloads
Abilities of other dimensions
Activations unknown yet understood
At a deeper level
A code of DNA splits and spirals
With another close by
Perceptions of life change
Connections faster and farther
Cosmic in nature
Fire and fire and fire
Growing and gaining power
Frequency and vibration
Waking us up
Activations upon activations
Everything blurs before us
Blue in the web matrix
Crystalline blue sparkles
Gateways appear and open
A potential for expansion
Resonating strongly in a new identity
Breaking boundaries to consciousness
Relationship with the Universe
Meditating deeper into the Oneness
Our power finding a special space
A meaning of beneficial intentions
Events ever prospering
Into the unknown
Spiraling and spiraling out
Colors shapes textures
Flow with us
Change us move us
Swiftly delving into the stages of life
New and ever expanding
Never letting go of Mother Earth
We are grounded here
And up in the Cosmos
Electricity strands of us
Traditional ways will not hold us
Infinite demands more
No tiny box
Break out and break free
Consciousness surrounds
Rising more and more upon Source
Unraveling of time to a new society
Based in Unconditional Love and Unity
Wave upon wave moves through us
Merging and emerging new every time
Following in our own footsteps
The path of Creation
Grow and evolve
Limitless Being and Infinite Soul
Rise up and reach for Your Self
Understand who you are





lotus flowers and angel.jpg
Illuminating Love
Lotus flowers in the middle
Between you and me
An US blossoming
In the clear illumination of Truth
Violet dreams flow forth
You hold me close
I am once again
Held captive in your gaze
Mesmerized in a trance
Of undying devotion
Of Unconditional Love
You are me
I am you
Once merged
Never to be torn apart
Never to be divided
By anyone or anything including Us
There is an Us in dreams
In the Higher Dimensions
In a different timeline
We happen
We Love
Splitting apart in a heart second
Coming together in the next second
Moments of surrender
Moments of Truth
Of who we are
I am an Angel
Of Divine Unconditional Love
I have always known you are an Angel
How could you not be?
When the feelings I feel
Create new worlds and new passions
Magenta Love rolls in
Sighs escape me as
my hand lies on your chest
As believing in our Love
Begins to stir inside of me
A knowing that you have
Opened to me once more
You have spilled onto the table
Everything I thought you never felt
Which is the reason why I left
Feeling like I made this all up
And now I realize my creations
Are my creations
They happen within me
They are carried within me
Multi Dimensionally
I have a choice now
Do I stay with you
Or do I go
At this moment of no time
In the darkness of the night
And the loving Magenta Light
Which surrounds you and me
I am One with You once again
My Soul answers yours