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Crystals are living beings. They are conscious and have messages and knowledge inside of them. Some have thousands of years of knowledge from ancient civilizations. Crystals have healing abilities as well as energetic properties. As a Multi Dimensional Channeler of the Cosmic Energies and a Soul Poet I channel messages from the Crystals to the All of Humanity. Here a few of these types of messages ~ in poetry form of course. 

Smoky Quartz Speaks
Riding a wave of Growth and Expansion
This sound, this vibration has led me here
The pulsating, rich, deep and luminous All
Flowing through me as I hold you
My palm outstretched open to All
To whatever you would like to communicate
The knowledge you wish to share through me
Letting everyone else know who you are
Letting you into me, merging
You whisper about your love of nature
Your love and affection of the Elementals
And your deep affinity for Mother Earth Gaia
Your wish is for all of Humanity to celebrate
Becoming One with Her; feeling the strength
The affection She carries for Humanity
I am attentive as you continue:
Connect within; re-establish and revitalize
A relationship with You and the Love that you are
Relax and slow down
Enjoy life as you take a stroll in nature
Feel the safety and the security
Of a peaceful grounded life
Solidified in Your Self
Open your Heart to mine
Let it permeate your being
Meditate and just Be
I float with you deep in the night
Where all of your dreams
Are manifested
Where the love of your life
Grows and expands out
Into an ever widening vortex
Hear my crystalline heart beat
Calling you Home
To your Spiritual Center
Open and receive this love I give freely
Making this your foundation
As you begin the pathway Home
I sit in complete stillness
A feeling of inner peace in the Now
I silently thank you for honoring me
With your words of wisdom
As well as your wishes for All of Humanity



Feature 2

Black Obsidian Dreams
Black Obsidian dreams
Grounded in the darkness
Grounded into the Core
Of Mother Earth, Lady Gaia
I lift you up in positive energy
I am a reflection of you
Look into me like a mirror
I will show you the future
I will open your abilities
Of Prophecy
I open my Self to your questions
To what you feel needs to heal
Let me protect you
As you enter the Shadow Realms
There is no fear when I am near
I will be your Shelter
I will be the grounding
Of the Divine Mother of Earth
Opening up your Third Eye
Feel my Vibrations flow through
Feel your abilities begin to grow
If you physically feel blue or in pain
I will aid you and quickly heal you
black obsidian.jpg


Feature 3

Adventurous Aquamarine
Feel into my surface
Assimilate my energies
Clusters of sparkling radiance
I am here to bridge a space
To help you to look into your Self
Introspection a worthwhile cause
Depth of character
Opening to your passions
Your heart’s desires
I am calm and cool
I am icy yet gentle as a puffy cloud
I will guide you and encourage you
On your pathway to finding your Truth
Sensitive and healing I am best
Bringing your flow in life alive
Meditate with me diving deep
Aligning all of your chakras
Enhancing your aura
And balancing your energies
I am able to aid you in the development
Of your intuition and conscious mind
Growth with me will always be
Thoughtful, calm, peaceful, and tranquil