I simply can't believe it will be August 2018 in a couple of days!! I honestly meant to keep this blog up to date. Though life works out funny at times and that hasn't happened as you can see from my last post dated in April 2018. I have been doing a job search, working some temp jobs here and there and been on Facebook. Yes, Facebook.

 It is there that I mentor the adults in my Evolving Consciousness Facebook group. I created the group back in Feb 2017 and it has morphed over the months. It is now a place of practicing a person's abilities, of Oracle card Readings, of over 60 Live Videos regarding Spiritual Teachings.

The Live videos I have done have ventured into the areas of Self-Love, the Dark and Light side of Meditation, Drugs and the Spiritual Pathway, False Light-workers and Integrity, Self-Empowerment, Oneness with the All That Is, Gratitude, Healing Loss and Sexual Abuse, Letting go of Grief, Anxiety, Anger and Depression, Purpose and Passion, Gifts and Abilities, How to find your Spirit (Animal) Guides, the Cosmic Energies, Learning how to do Oracle Card Readings and much more.

In my group, we have done activations, meditations, and readings. I have Q & A time with me. It is very much a fulfilling group for me to mentor these adults and watch them bloom. Some have gone on to be very powerful Healers themselves. I am honored to be a part of a person's pathway - no matter how big or small. 

I am still doing paid readings. You can also find me in a couple of Empath Facebook groups where I do free readings every month or so. If you catch me in one of those groups, I am usually offering specials on my readings. However, I always have my readings on this page and a handful of them are always on Sale. 

Now, I am currently looking into the idea of being an Online and Phone Psychic. I have to admit, I am really excited about the idea!! 

Take care everyone!! Sending you all my Love!!


September has brought the rain...

Is it nearly April 2018 already???