Cart Checkout is not working

Hi All, 

I have been working on setting up the cart checkout and right now it just isn't working. I have descriptions on each product I sell.  A sale will be done through my email and my PayPal address. My email is which is the place to order your reading (by sending me an email) as well as for questions and this is also my PayPal email address. 

To order a product or service please make your choice (s) and then email The email you send regarding the type of reading you would like and my response back serves as the record of your order with my confirmation so we both know what you ordered. Then I will provide the service within 3-5 business days. However, if you purchase my book the download will be 24-48 hours. 

All purchases are to be paid through PayPal using their "send money" for goods and services. You will send payment of the product of your choice to Once I receive the notification of payment, I will send you an email and PayPal may as well. My email to you will serve as the record of you having made payment for said purchase. This email will come from

And finally after I am done with your reading then I will send you the pictures and mp3 or video recording and email them to the email you provided at the beginning of our transaction (ie the email address you used to contact me). Whether you purchase the book or a reading(s) your product/service will come from

This may look/seem like it is a complex thing but it really isn't. Just email me what you want, I email back confirming what you want, you pay for service, and I provide service, and then lastly send the final product to you.  

I really appreciate everyone being patient while I understand more of the website/store process and how to hook it all up correctly.  

I look forward to providing you with a service that you will cherish and that keeps giving.  Sending Everyone much Love!!! 

Happy New Year - 2017!!

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