Happy New Year - 2017!!

I am so looking forward to this year!! I have many new ideas running around in my brain/imagination. Creativity and career are a focus this year. However, creativity will feature more poetry and a delving into the Oceanic and Galactic Realms. As always growth and evolution are two primal things that will always be active in my life. Career is opening up in the form of audio books, print and e-books as well as the Oracle Card Readings and Teaching. Yep, I plan on teaching classes on poetry as well as Self Love and who knows what else...I am leaving that open to shift, change, morph and merge into what it wants. 

Please look at my blog post titled Cart not Working which tells you how to purchase readings. I promise this year I will figure out the whole cart/payment thing. I am currently developing a 5 card Relationship reading. This will feature specific decks only and will still not be as in depth as a 10 card reading. However, I feel it maybe time to offer one...I may call it something different so stay tuned....

And meanwhile have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

New Readings, New Poetry, New Images Added!

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