My Book is Available for Purchase!!!

Hi All! 

"Loving My Self ~ A Journey of Transformation" is finally officially for sale!  

It has been 3 yrs in the making with so much tears, pain, laughter, joy and love all mixed together. There were times I never thought I would make it through this journey.

But I did and Here I AM.  I AM totally Living and Loving my Self!!! 

What are some of the most profound things I have taken away from my journey?  

1. LOVING YOUR SELF is the KEY to Everything!! It determines how you create your world and all of the experiences you have. 

2. CHOICE - You create and experience your world through your own choices.  

3. THE ANSWER is always WITHIN you!!

4. LETTING GO is a necessary and good thing in order to grow and evolve and especially in Loving One's Self. 

To find out more about the list of profound things please visit the link here to purchase the book

and also check out my page in my book section "Excerpts from Loving My Self" where you will find some sample poems. 

Lastly, the Offer in my Sept. 13th blog is still open! :) 

Sending everyone Lots of Love!! <3


Stay Tuned - Coming Soon...

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