Poetry in Flux as the Cosmic Energies Remain in Flux

Hey All, 

First off, I hope everyone had an Awesome Thanksgiving!! My son and I made an awesome breakfast together then did our own thing. In the afternoon we celebrated by going to our local cafe for Thanksgiving "dinner". We came home and watched a movie together.  Togetherness without all of the family. This is what I call a stress free, happy and a very "thankful and grateful" Thanksgiving.  Always remember, you aren't obligated to show up at these Holiday Dinners. It is Your Choice! You are in charge of how you want to feel on the Holiday. 

However, the Cosmic Energies are whirling and twirling around. When finally it feels it is settling down, I am hearing new messages. It turns out the Cosmic Energies do believe that Voice of the Conduit needs now to be birthed first. So, I will continue to finalize that while also working on Fire in My Soul.  As a Soul Poet I must remain faithful to the Flow. So, just know that while it may seem I am not around, I am indeed here. 

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Next up...messages from the Cosmic Energies