Is it nearly April 2018 already???

Gosh! I meant to do at least 3 posts by now. Well, so the main news is that I am now an Ordained Minister. This means I can marry people, baptize children, preside over last rites, and funerals. I have always felt a calling to do this. However, I am Ordained in the Universal Life Church which represents all Faiths. This means I do not have to follow any prescribed Doctrine of the Church. I am free to practice my Faith as I see fit. Which fits me perfectly, since I am not for "Established" religion but for Spirituality of Self-Love, Self-Knowledge, and Evolving one's Consciousness. 

One of my friends said to me recently, "You realize now you can preside over your son's wedding." This is totally interesting since I never even thought about that. Though when the time comes who knows if he will want his mom officiating his wedding. I certainly will respect his decision. The next thought that came to me was that I can issue last rites to my mother as well as preside over her funeral. Now, this is not a morbid thought. She is 86 and has dementia. She is not ready to go anytime soon.  My brother and my sister I can see will be pissed off when I let them know I am a minister and will preside over her funeral. I literally can see this playing out in my mind. No matter how that goes in real life, I know my mother would love to have me do these things for her. It would make her proud and it would comfort her. I love my mother so much. <3

Enough musings for today. New readings are being offered. Different readings are on Sale. I also have bought new Oracle Card Decks. 

With Lots of Love, 



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