Loving My Self ~ A Journey of Transformation on SALE $5

Hi All, 

I have been guided to place my audio book on Sale on my website. This is due to the importance for change and evolution in our lives. We can't change our lives until we fully and completely love ourselves. Loving ourselves is a process and one most are not aware of or even know how to begin. In our society we have been taught to place ourselves last. That what we feel about ourselves doesn't matter. However, we do matter. Our self-esteem, our confidence, our choices, our empowerment matter. How can one create a life they love when they don't love themselves or even know themselves? 

My book begins from the point of the "bottom of the abyss" or "the dark night of the Soul" or also what some would call "hitting rock bottom". It is that place where you just don't think - or feel - you want or can go on living life. Yes, this book is in poetry form. However, poetry is a type of writing style that goes deep. The deeper you go within, the deeper and more rewarding your journey. I am not suggesting you write poetry but I am suggesting to let your self open to this journey - to my journey and what it may offer you while facing your own inner journey. 

This is my journey and I have found that this type of journey is Universal. There are parts of my journey that are parts of everyone's journey. If you are not sure where or how to start loving your Self ~ this audio book will guide you in your first steps. However, this book doesn't solve your journey, and it doesn't fix you. This book is an outline and will leave you to fill in what you need to work on, let go of, forgive, in order to come out in the end a happy, healthy, person who truly loves his/her Self.  

Remember, you are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You just need to love your Self truly and deeply. However, there are things that you need to heal, let go of, and forgive (self and others) for you to move forward and create your own life. I know you have an inner strength and will get through this journey should you choose to accept it. 

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