This is my Soul Poet HOME. I welcome you to my piece of Heaven on Earth. Here you will find a feeling of what living your Purpose, Passion, and Truth means to me. I am not here to change anyone. I am here living my Passion and my Truth in a way that provides me with a sense of fulfillment. Here is my slice of making a difference in my own life by Consciously Choosing what I focus on in my life. 

I made a choice to not watch television. I haven't owned one for years. Heck, I don't even listen to the radio now. I choose to not engage in conversations regarding religion, fear, politics, and whatever else the masses are involved in. I choose to live a deep, rich, juicy life full of a profoundness based on what makes my Soul happy. I choose to grow and evolve as a Soul Being of Love and Light.  I choose to live in my own space, owning my own power, creating my own world, and taking responsibility for the choices I make. 

Instead I spend time listening to music, writing, reading, meditating and watching movies.  I have created the place I live into my own personal sanctuary. I belong to artistic communities and I have a whole Soul Family living all over the Universe. I love keeping in touch with all of them. We are of like mind and can have deep discussions about deep subjects. I love to perform my poetry and love to heal and touch others with my words. If a person happens to find nuggets of wisdom in my work well than that is just "icing on the cake." 

Another activity that fulfills me is Oracle Card Readings. Oracle Card Readings help me to develop my intuition. It provides me with an outlet of passion in the space of Oneness with the Universe. The Universal energies I tap into are a field that anyone can access. At this time there a many that love this Guidance, however, have not tapped into their own intuition yet. 

By creating a website based on fulfillment of my Soul I honor my Self and my Path.  I hope you enjoy my website as much as I enjoyed creating it. There will be more to come as I am still working on it and loving it and loving me as well. 

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