Hello and Welcome 2019!!!

WOW!! Boy am I glad to see You!!! I am so grateful that you have come along and are here right now. For in the now moment, I know my life will be better. The last several months of 2018 have been a beginning path to what 2019 promises. I am ready to work once again with new zest, with much more higher vibrations and loving energy inside myself.

I am ready to be creative once again! To be inspired! To be taken to higher and higher heights in passion, love, and life. To be living a fulfilling life, heart - centered, with purpose, passion, and creativity. I am ready to teach, to listen, to learn, to laugh, to love…. to dance like no one is watching….in wild abandon. I also look forward to meditation, to Qi-Gung, to listening to awesome music I love and to high frequency music as well.

This year I am ready for abundance and prosperity in all forms. I am ready to create my world in a loving, playful, and fulfilling way…full of flow and synchronicity.

Sending Everyone Love and Blessings!!


How is it that we are in August???

September has brought the rain...