Decision not to air Interview

Hi All, 

I said I would keep you informed when the Interview would air. It was due to air Oct. 10th, 2016. However, I have chosen not to have it aired at all.

There were editing issues and I wasn't allowed to listen to the interview prior to its release. I was to have signed a legal document for it to air. And well, honestly, I am totally against it. I believe that I should be able to listen to the final interview before it airs and before I sign a legal document. 

I have also chosen to not record another Interview at this time. The Interview was exciting to record but it also was pretty nerve wracking. I was just trying to make sure I answered all of the questions and didn't draw a blank.

There were surprise questions which totally threw me off guard. And I admit the questions I knew the interviewer was going to ask - I wrote a cheat sheet. Oh, and Never do a cheat sheet...I  know I sounded stilted and even though the answer was in front of me ...due to my nervousness I stumbled on my words. 

I am new at this whole process. I would rather have a more authentic sounding recording that I can listen to before airing. I feel that I could do a much more authentic and a much better interview if someone I knew asked the questions.

Between you and me....I feel like the interviewer didn't even listen to the audio book. I feel she just read the synopsis of the book and the dedication and introduction pages. 

I am all for being interviewed - however - please listen to the book first. Now, I am not totally positive she didn't listen to it but the questions she asked....

When all is said and done...I am totally good with it not being aired. I have had this experience and I have learned from it. Different choices will be made next time. 

Catch ya later! 

Sending you All Love!!  

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