Weekly Guidance Email

Weekly Guidance Email


FREE: Just send an email to sharonthesoulpoet@gmail.com and say you would like to be added to the Weekly Guidance Email.

Every week you will receive your Daily Email Upliftment. This is an email that provides guidance, love, and a positive outlook at the beginning of each week. It is sent at night and helps to evolve your consciousness while you sleep integrating all of the keys, codes, and frequencies through by passing the brain. 

Each email may contain various items such as quotes, poems, channeling, Oracle Card Messages, and or inspiring photos. Emails may have items sent in the body of the email or as a PDF attachment. 

This email Guidance is for entertainment purposes only. Each email I provide is only Guidance. Any actions taken by you after you receive it are yours. You are responsible for your choices. You create your world by the Choices you make. 

If you do not want the weekly email for your Self but want to send one as a gift then all you will need to do is email me with all of the information.

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