5 Activations for 1 Price

5 Activations for 1 Price


This is a custom activation.  A custom activation can have a price from $25 up to $50.00. It all depends on what your topic or topics you want to cover. This activation has an option to pay $50 in 2 installments. However, the activation will not be sent to you until the whole payment has been received. 

This Reading uses The Crystal Mandala Oracle, The Native Healing Heart Oracle, The Chakra Insight Oracle, The Magical Dimensions Oracle and The Power of Love Oracle. All of these Oracles decks also function as Activations. Each Artist for each of these decks specifically mentions they are for activations as well as regular card readings.

We will connect through email or FB chat to determine what topic or topics you would like your activation to cover. This Activation is Multi-Dimensional and extremely High Vibrational.  You will receive a picture of your cards and a mp3 recording. 

This reading is for entertainment purposes only. This reading I provide is only Guidance. Any actions taken by you after the payment for the reading are yours. You are responsible for your choices. You create your world by the Choices you make. 

f you do not want a reading for your Self but want to send one as a gift then all you will need to do is email me with all of the information and make the payment through PayPal.

At this time my check out section is not working. I am currently accepting payments through PayPal. My PayPal address is sharonmeixsell@yahoo.com or click on this link

So, if you are interested in a reading please email me at sharonmeixsell@yahoo.com. Let me know what reading you would like, what card deck you chose, and the question for the reading. I will email you back and we can go from there. Thank you! 

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