Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, Terra Nova Reading

Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, Terra Nova Reading

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This reading uses the Earth Warriors Oracle, The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, The Gaia Oracle and the Mystical Shaman Oracle decks for making a connection with your Energy and with the Sacred Earth in all of Her forms.

Mother Earth is our 3rd Dimensional Earth. It is the Earth we have grown up on and the one we are closest with. Lady Gaia is the 5th Dimensional vibration of Mother Earth and is Her Evolution into a Star. Terra Nova is the New Earth of the Golden Age. Terra Nova is where we are working towards. We are connecting with the Golden Age of the New Earth from a Higher Vibration where we will live as One in Unity Consciousness. Terra Nova is a New Paradigm. No longer does the Patriarchal Paradigm of Service to Self exist. Here is the paradigm of Service to Others and in doing this type of service we also serve our Self as well. Here we are One with the Earth and All That Is. This is the place of where the veils have fallen and we now regain the powers and abilities we once had.

This reading is roughly 3 hours in length. This is a reading goes deep. You will receive a picture of the cards and either a mp3 or mp4 recording. 

The cards are read intuitively. I do not use the guide books. I access your Energy Field via Unity Consciousness of the All That Is. By paying for this reading you give me permission to enter your Energy Field. 

This reading is for entertainment purposes only. This reading that I provide only provides Guidance. Any actions taken after payment for the reading are of your choosing and are your responsibility. You create your own world through your Choices. 

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