Divine Guidance 4 Readings in 1

Divine Guidance 4 Readings in 1

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You Get 4 Separate Readings for the price of 1. This reading uses the Path of the Soul, Divine Guidance, and Return of the Spirit Oracle decks all by Cheryl Lee Harnish, as well as the Angels of Atlantis and the Angels of Atlantis Symbol Oracles. 

Angels of Atlantis and the Angels of Atlantis Sigil Decks offer Guidance from the ArchAngels and a symbol for each ArchAngel that appears in your reading for you to use in a meditation practice or as an activation on your Computer.

Path of the Soul - your Soul Path via Guidance from your Soul, Divine Guidance centers around the Guidance from your Higher Self, Return of the Spirit offers you the gifts and possibilities that lie in the present/future now should you choose to accept the guidance presented by the other 2 readings. 


 The Element of Spirit is the element that holds all of the other elements together. The element of Spirit is invisible with no physical bounds. Its rules the unknown, our intuition, our energy and what makes our lives worth living. This reading is to determine how connected are you to this element and what you can do to strengthen this connection. Feeling like you are lost and need direction, or you have a bigger purpose in life or at a crossroads and need some guidance? These readings are for you. 

This card reading is for entertainment purposes only. This reading I provide only provides Guidance. And actions taken by you after payment is received for this reading are your responsibility. You create your own world by your choices. 

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