The New You - Beginning the Pathway

The New You - Beginning the Pathway


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This is a 3 Readings in 1 Bundle Pack.

This reading bundle is about your foundation and your connection with your Spiritual Path. This is beginning a Way of Life. A Day to Day Guide on how to begin Your Spiritual Path. You receive 3 readings in one. This reading uses the Creation Forces Oracle, Gaia Oracle, Messenger Oracle and the Spirit Animal Oracle. 

This reading centers around a new way of life and its connection to Mother Earth Gaia. Our connection to Mother Earth Gaia is essential to our path. We were born here and She keeps us alive. We harness her powers so that we may grow and thrive. We are Creators just like Her. Mother Earth Gaia is Unconditional Love. We, at our core, are Unconditional Love. Learn how to merge and live in a state of Oneness with Mother Earth Gaia. This will help you move forward and connect with your Self as well. 

Open to the Guiding Wisdom and Love of Mother Earth Gaia.  The Element of Earth is the foundation of everything and everyone. It is the element of stability, wisdom, and knowledge. The Element of Air is ever changing and impacts us in many ways. Air controls all that is unseen: our mind, our thoughts, our Spirits. The Element of Fire is the element that controls the passion and creativity in a person’s life. It exposes your passions and desires bringing them to light and how best to manifest them into your life. The Element of Water is the element of our emotions, art, and healing. This is where a person’s intuition and sensitivity comes from. The Element of Spirit is the element that holds all of the other elements together. The element of Spirit is invisible with no physical bounds. Its rules the unknown, our intuition, our energy and what makes our lives worth living. 

Using the Spirit Animal Oracle Deck is the way to find your Spirit/Totem/Power Animals. They are your Guides and you will learn much from them. 

Lastly, the Gaia Oracle and the Messenger Oracle deck will suggest areas that need strengthening and what (if any) areas you need healing.

This card reading is for entertainment purposes only. This reading I provide only provides Guidance. And actions taken by you after payment is received for this reading are your responsibility. You create your own world by your choices. 

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