Monthly Reading

Monthly Reading


This reading uses the Conscious Spirit Oracle, the Angel Answers Oracle and the Oracle of the Unicorns.

This Reading is a reading for all sorts of aspects of your life. This reading is the reading to choose if you do not have any specific question in mind buy would like to have a heads up about the possibilities that you could encounter in the month ahead.

If you are looking for a reading on Love please see, The 14 Card Relationship reading:  this reading works for both ones already in a relationship and for those seeking relationships. 

 The Monthly Forecast Reading is 30 min in length. You will receive a picture of the cards and either a mp3 or mp4 recording. 

The cards are read intuitively. I do not use the guide books. I access your Energy Field via Unity Consciousness of the All That Is. By paying for this reading you give me permission to enter your Energy Field. 

This reading is for entertainment purposes only. This reading that I provide only provides Guidance. Any actions taken after payment for the reading are of your choosing and are your responsibility. You create your own world through your Choices. 

At this time my I am currently accepting payment through PayPal.  My PayPal address is or click on this link

So, if you are interested in a reading please email me at I will email you back and we can go from there. Thank you! 

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