All About You 4 Readings in 1

All About You 4 Readings in 1

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*** Included 1 hr call with me. ***

This reading uses the Goddess Isis Oracle, Earth Warriors Oracle, Native Heart Healing Oracle and Sacred Power Oracle Decks. This is an in-depth Divine Feminine reading focusing on Owning Your Own Power. This reading is about your connection to your true Divine Goddess Within as well as without.

We will also be focusing on the merging between your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine so you will become a whole individual by using both the positive attributes of your male and female energies. 

Do other people make decisions for you, controlling what they want you to do and feeling what is best for you? Do you feel that no one sees, hears, or understands you? Do you feel hopeless and powerless? This reading is for you. First, find out what Divine Feminine Power feels like and looks like. Then you will find out how the Divine Masculine power now feels like when it is merged with your Divine Feminine. Find out what are the aspects of personal power you need to work on. This reading focuses on Guidance on how to own your own power, find your own Truth, Speak your own Truth, and Live your own Truth! Welcome to the New Powerful Divine Feminine Goddess You!! And Welcome to the Balance of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies!!

This card reading is for entertainment purposes only. This reading I provide only provides Guidance. And actions taken by you after payment is received for this reading are your responsibility. You create your own world by your choices. 

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