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It all started when...

This collection of poems was written over the course of a year. Each poem in this collection was written while listening to Vibrational Healing Music. However, as a Soul Poet I listened to each track and let the poem flow and create itself. The poems in here reflect a transformational Spiritual journey.

 Loving My Self ~ A Journey of Transformation is a collection that begins with certain beliefs I held about myself; others and my personal world. As the year progressed so did my growth, my expansion, and my Self Love.

 This collection begins in a dark place; I am sure others will be able to relate to. It moves forward as I learn how to face issues such as fear, guilt, loathing, powerlessness, and unworthiness. In order to master these feelings that controlled me and move past them I entered a period of courage, strength, and empowerment. Through delving into and mastering the courage and the strength, empowerment led me to a new point in my life.

 The end culmination of this year long sound and healing energy program is where I blossomed into the New Me. I unlocked the box and set my Self free through happiness and Self Love. I now own my own power, create my own world, celebrate my Self and the love that I AM.

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