Poetry Corner

As a Soul Poet I find inspiration in many places, pictures and sounds. I believe everyone is a Soul Poet at Heart. It requires delving deep into One's Self, Loving One's Self, and a freedom to express One's Self. 

Ecstatic Dancing
Swooping down in a bow
Then raising up arms wide
Two fast spins
Chanting in coded language
Hips swaying to a rhythm
Of Sacred Geometry
In the frequencies of no time
Bells and chimes ring in tune
With the dancers movements
Ecstatic dancing by candlelight
Ritualistic in design
Patterns created on the floor
Etched from the mind’s eye
Snakes slither by
Creating their own coded language
Interlocked with the other
Intricate messages to decipher
Who determines the meaning?
Each one of us has our own Truth
Has our own individual message
To understand within these codes
Within these frequencies
The keys to our own life
To our own Empowerment
Find your rhythm in your heart
Close your eyes and let your Self go
Open your inner eye
Expand your Self
Travel inter-dimensionally
Meet your Self
Merge with your Self become One


Creation Waves
Vibrant Violet and
Cobalt Blue waves
Move ever so slowly
Bending and morphing
Into different shapes
A Merkaba appears
Widening and expanding
Joining my heart
With my inner visions
Creations spinning
Developing layers upon layers
Of colors and shapes
Of depth and breadth
Of length and height
A choice of Divine Love
Wrapped in bright and bold colors
In geometric patterns
Whirlpools of delight
I am in the middle
Surveying and observing
Seeing my creation
In this vortex of color
And Sacred Love
Reaching out
My creation drifts towards me
Landing in my Heart and Soul


Dolphin fun.jpg


Ancient Dolphin Magic
Slow moving aquamarine pool
Floating along hearing the music
The spheres which are inside of me
Diving down into the Oneness
I see a Violet Dolphin
He comes close to me
I reach out my hand reverently
Gazing into his eyes
I am moved to tears
The power of his energy
The power of his compassion and his love
The power of joy filters through me
As his eyes now light up and twinkle
Images flash in my mind
The World morphing throughout the ages
The split of man from cetaceans to mammalian
Yin and Yang of all species
The co-existence of peace and love
A Harmonic Convergence of Love
Spinning and Whirling Vortex
Sacred Heart Flames
Guidance from deep inside
A Unity Field of Consciousness
Small beginnings lead to bigger ones
A Whole Community and Way of Life
Created for All
Dolphin Magic; Ancient and Sacred
Sounds of Consciousness in the Language of Light
Communicating via telepathy and sounds
Light bodies keys, codes, and frequencies
Given to us by the Dolphins
Swimming slow next to them
Now in the middle of a pod
Many surround me; touch me
Golden sparkles appear all over my body
I feel my heart growing and expanding
Through their love
Their sheer beauty and elegance
The magnitude of their consciousness
I AM opened up even more
I have stretched my Self even more
Psychic abilities have been transferred
There is now more of me in the here and now
Spinning once more in aquamarine
It is time I must return
I float up to the surface
The vortex slows and stops
I am held in this space of love
In this void space
With the music of the spheres
Singing my name
I float along drifting endlessly
   Awash in these feelings of Love